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My Fax

Virtual fax services...
Fax to email services from just £7.25 per month

My Fax

Avoid unnecessary paper wastage.

Our unique fax service does just what the title says and it's easy to use, time saving and waiting for the receiving machine your side.

The service also enables you to receive faxes by emails as well!

  • No wasted paper
  • Receive faxes anywhere
  • Send faxes anywhere
  • Just £7.25 per month

Sending Faxes

With our fax to email service you send your fax as an attachment in a standard email. The process is user-friendly and very simple to follow. The fax document you have attached will then be sent directly to your recipient’s fax machine or email address.  

Do you get a “real” fax number?

At E3 you can choose from our variety of free-phone or local geographical numbers.

Receiving Faxes

Our fax to email service enables you to receive your fax as easily as sending one. Fax messages will be sent directly to your email address via your fax number you give out to your clients. You can receive these anywhere in the world and even on your mobile phone or tablet devices.
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