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My Calls

Your very own team of PAs...
Professionally answered calls, from just 80p per call

My Calls

From just 80p per call - all your business calls answered! You are given very own professional PAs to take your calls book your diary and any other secretarial tasks. No job is too small or too big for your PAs. Your calls are answered in your company name with your own choice of greeting.
  • Your own PAs
  • No more missed calls
  • More than basic message taking
  • From just 80p per call

Benefits of using our Telephone and Call Answering Service to handle your business calls

No Unwanted Sales calls

We will filter those pesky PPI and/or sales calls so you never have to answer these unwanted calls again.

Your own dedicated virtual PAs

When you join us you are allocated your very own named PAs. This may vary depending on the size of your expected call volumes from 1 to a team of PAs. They will be trained on your business and how you would like your calls answered and/or dealt with. This ensures your callers will become familiar with the same PA/PAs by name every time they call your business.

No missed calls

Which means no missed business and leads! Over 75% of callers will hang up if their call is unanswered. At E3 all your calls are answered, all of the time.

Cover 24/7

We will answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week ensuring you get every chance of new opportunities and giving you an edge over your competitors. You are also giving your company a much more “corporate” feel by offering your services 24/7.

More than just a basic message taking service for you

Our PAs will offer so much more than just basic message taking when they answer your calls and can charge per call, or per second or minute. We can also give out as much or as little information to your callers as you require, and this can vary from extra contact information, your price details and information of your offers or products and services. We are open to discuss all your specific requirements.      

Take your 14-day FREE trial

Whether you are a small business owner/ start-up where hiring support staff to answer your phone is possibly not in your budget or a larger business and wish to increase service levels or staffing costs, but don’t want to miss calls in doing so, we can save you money by offering you a telephone answering service for a fraction of the price. We are offering this service TOTALLY FREE for 14 days.

Your free trial will include:

  • 14 days unlimited calls
  • Cold call screening
  • Calls answered in your company name
  • Messages sent to you by text
  • Messages sent to you by email
  • Your own PAs allocated to you

Free trial questions answered

  • There’s no obligation to join after the trial period and we won’t hound you with calls afterwards to join.
  • Set up is simple and quick, all we require is simple and basic information about your company and what you expect from us to deal with your calls effectively and efficiently. This is done online or by filling out one of our application forms.
  • We will give you your unique phone number to publish or to divert your existing business line to and setting up the business line is simple and user-friendly (usually set up by pressing *21*) followed by the number you are diverting your calls to and it’s only #21# to turn the divert back off again.

Your virtual PA will:

  • Answer your business calls with your company name in a professional manner.
  • Send you an instant text/email message with the details of the call (number, name, time and a brief message).
  • Keep a detailed log of all the calls answered on your behalf.
  • Filter any unwanted sales/PPI and nuisance calls, leaving you free to concentrate on and deal with your important business calls.
  • Act as your professional “front office” and we can have you “live” with a line – up and running so to speak within just 20 minutes of you first getting in contact with us!
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