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My Business Leads

Outbound B2B Telemarketing At E3 we offer an exclusive outbound b2b lead generation package to ensure your telemarketing is done well, and provides a great return on your investment.
It’s essential that your telemarketers know about your business, products and services before starting your campaign. At E3 undergo a thorough research phase to fully understand your business before we take on your work. Knowing the ins and outs of your business along with a full understanding of your products and/or services enables our telemarketers to offer your unique selling points to prospective customers. We have access to high quality data which include both e-mail addresses and phone numbers of targeted businesses and homes nationwide. We can use these, or information provided by you to ensure that we are calling exactly the kind of people you want to target. We even offer you a small named team of PAs spearheaded by your own account manager who you can speak to on a regular basis throughout the campaign to gain updates and receive feedback. We are always available to talk to you throughout the process and pride ourselves on giving outstanding service to our telemarketing clients. All of our callers at E3 are experienced people happy to be on the phone, with a talent for telesales. We pride ourselves on vetting all our outbound staff thoroughly and all go through a screening program to ensure that they provide the highest quality telemarketing services. Our starter campaigns can be from only £1250 per month with a fantastic return on investment. There are no long contracts. We simply ask that you give us a minimum of 2 months as the best results start coming in month 2 onwards. After that, you’re free to carry on using us, or perhaps come back when your next campaign is due. Most of our customer comes from repeat business. Put your next telemarketing campaign in the hands, or voices of the experts and let E3 show you what great telemarketing is all about.
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