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Bringing on New Staff Versus Outsourcing?

Bringing on New Staff Versus Outsourcing?

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If you’re finding that your business is doing well and that you need some help, you may be thinking about hiring some new staff. Obviously, having too much work is a great problem to have, but adding employees is not easy. Finding the right people and taking on the additional financial and managerial burdens that come with adding staff can be very stressful. Also, like many other business owners, you may be unsure if you have the financial resources for on-boarding new employees or might not know how long you’ll need help and may be interested in a short-term or more flexible staffing options. As such, you need to be careful to consider all of your options before taking the step of actually advertising for your position(s).

Basically, businesses have two options when they need to add additional staff. The traditional route, of course, is to simply add a worker or workers to the payroll. However, if you are unsure about committing financial resources to a payroll employee or only need help for a short time, this may not be a great option. The second option, then, is to outsource work. For business owners weighing their options, we’ll offer some pros and cons for both direct hiring and outsourcing.

Direct Hiring

For businesses that are well-established, with consistent sales and revenues and solid growth forecasts, and in need of help to maintain business and meet objectives, bringing in new full-time staff is probably the best option. Such positions are likely to attract the highest quality applicants and can help businesses create long-term employee loyalty, which is something a growing enterprise must have. The benefits of a robust staff of dedicated individuals are fairly obvious: Allows businesses to cultivate loyal managers, creates consistency for clients, makes it possible to handle increases in businesses, etc.

Direct hiring takes time (e.g., for advertising the position and interviewing candidates) and lots of money. As such, larger businesses and ones with higher revenues are in the best position to put new staff on the payroll. Many smaller businesses simply do not have the additional funds to pay for the benefits, office equipment and supplies, salary, and other miscellaneous costs for a new employee. Also, even after a lengthy interview process and careful selection, it is very easy to hire the wrong person, which puts you right back at square one.


Outsourcing work, such as through the use of E3 Telephone Answering Virtual PAs, is a great option for any size business. Outsourcing is much more affordable than hiring payroll staff and offers significantly more flexibility. For example, if you only need Virtual PA services during a particularly busy period or only have the funds to use the service for a couple of months, then E3 Telephone Answering can accommodate your needs. Another great thing about outsourcing is that you don’t have to be involved in the hiring process; you don’t have to post any want-ads or interview anyone. With E3 Telephone Answering, you’re sure to get telephone professionals who know what it takes to provide great customer service, and who cost a fraction of what an on-payroll employee would cost.

Some businesses worry that outsourced employees won’t be dedicated to their company and won’t care if they make mistakes or provide substandard customer service. This is a valid concern, but you can avoid many problems by choosing an industry leader, such as E3 Telephone Answering. Additionally, many companies that are hesitant to outsource worry that there will be a great deal of turnover with their outsourced employees. Again, this is a reasonable concern, as a high turnover rate is common at many temp agencies. However, E3 Telephone Answering has a high retention rate and works hard to have clients get to know their representatives. Furthermore, E3 Telephone Answering employees work off of client-supplied scripts, giving customers the impression they’re speaking with a direct company representative.

If you have a successful company that is showing double-digit growth, then direct hiring or outsourcing can both be great options. However, if you’re running a small business or start-up and you need help, then outsourcing is just about the best option out there, saving you time and money and offering lots of flexibility.

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